Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!


Ok, so I’m belated in wishing myself a happy birthday. I am so lucky I am surrounded by people who make my birthday a big deal. My bestest friend took me out for a great night of dinner and ghost hunting, and when I got home my Charming husband had a mini-surprise party ready for me! Ok, it was just him, a happy birthday banner, a present, and a bottle of champagne. But since he doesn’t like celebrating his own birthday, I was thrilled he made such a big deal out of mine. And since his birthday is coming up, I didn’t bother taking down the banner (ha!).

Birthday season is upon us (the majority of our families have fall birthdays, with a few sprinkled in the spring and summer), and by the time we get through it, Christmas will be here. Even with all the other celebrations, I have the best friends and family who make me feel like mine is the most important one of the bunch! (until the next one happens, and then they make that person feel the same way.) And they stretch my birthday into a weeklong celebration of how awesome I am. Also, there’s cake. I’m a big fan of cake.

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