Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall is Here!

In addition to pumpkin spice everything, fall is here! Which means lower temps and less tourists - yay!

Fall makes me happy. Maybe it is because it was always the start of a new school year, but Fall to me feels like new beginnings and super fun times. Lower temps mean I can do more things outside without sweating profusely, we have some wonderful nights outside with the fire pit, and there is way less traffic in our little one road town.

Summer seems to come with a lot of pressure to have a great time all the time, yet everyone I know works constantly, and the days I'm available for beach fun times, it is always super crappy out. The things I used to love about summer, shorts and tank tops, hold much less appeal now that I'm older and a little softer. I do love swimming, but as I said, I'm never free on nice days.

Yesterday was the first day that really felt like fall, and I LOVED it! We didn't have to run the AC's, I got some stuff done, and I sat on the deck and drank a hard cider at the end of the day. It was delicious.

Soon the leaves will change and it will time to wear brightly colored sweaters. Yay! Soups and fresh bread will be eaten, and down comforters will be added to bedrooms. I know not everyone loves fall as much as I do, it does lead into winter and all, but I am so excited! Stay tuned for hundreds of pictures of my dogs playing in leaves :D