Monday, April 9, 2012

And yet again my hubs is out at sea, and I'm home alone. I'm lucky - he only takes a few fishing trips a year, so while I miss him lots while he's gone, it's not something that's a constant. This time he's made more trips in a row than I'm used to, but at least he comes home for a few days between. 

What do I do while he's gone? I'll tell you. I live like a 15 year old whose parents have gone on vacation. Minus the house full of drunken teenagers, of course. Instead, I cease to do all laundry, I stop doing dishes, and I live on a steady diet of chicken fingers, french fries, and nachos. Sometimes pizza. Last week I ran out of tortilla chips and still wanted nachos, so I made them with french fries. AMAZING. I wish I had taken a picture. 

Instead, here is a picture of Fiona not wanting her Dad to leave. I wanted him to stay him too. 

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