Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet Zoey!

I'm sure you'll call us crazy, and believe me, we are, but we got another dog!!

It started like this: I've always wanted a basset hound. We've talked about our next dog being a number of different not as big dogs, and also talked about getting another dog before these two pass on to ease the transition and feel like no one is being replaced. We also, however, talked about not having any dog for a while after these two, but when the local humane society had a basset up for adoption, I said, "Please??" And Mr. Fabulous said yes!

But he was adopted right before Mr. Fabulous got there, and he figured while he was there he would take a look around. And then he found Zoey. She's a collie mix, smaller than Brooklyn, but a few of the same mannerisms. She's super cute, a little rough around the edges, and has soooooo much energy.

She's a year old and still has a lot of puppy habits, including needing to get up to pee before my 9 hour sleep cycle is over. I swear she can tell time, because if I say "5 more minutes" or "20 more minutes" I swear she's barking at me just as time's up. And she's already eaten 2 pairs of shoes, a belt, a pair of jeans, and chewed a hole in my down comforter. Apparently the small fortune I spent on chew toys for her was not money well spent. Recently she discovered the cat's bed and decided she fits just right there! Just as Fiona was starting to get used to her presence here too.

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