Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I think my husband often wishes there were more secrets amongst my family members. But, alas, we tell each other pretty much everything. My dad and sister are probably the worst culprits. Their brains don't process that something is a secret - everything told to them is simply information that can then be re-told. They're not malicious or gossipy, they just... don't believe in secrets. Which is why I laughed so hard the other day when I saw an article about controlling anger. The test to see if you needed help controlling your anger posed a scenario, and then gave you a few options to choose from on how you would handle this situation. Given how you would react, you could possibly use anger management. The scenario went something like this:

You and your husband have a disagreement that quickly escalates into a full blown fight. After a heated argument, you call your sister and tearfully pour your heart to her. You swear her to secrecy. The next week at family dinner your brother leans over and asks if you and your husband have made up yet. Knowing that the only person you told was your sister and realizing that she betrayed your confidence you:
A) Immediately yell at her.
B) Pull her into the kitchen and tell her how hurt you are.
C) Another option. [yeah, ok, I don't remember the options. Or what website the quiz was on. *sigh*]

But there was no option for "Laugh, because it was pretty much a given that after telling your sister, the rest of the family knows." In fact, I'm pretty sure this EXACT situation has happened before.

The extra funny part was that I read this article the day after my sister admitted that she is incapable of keeping a secret.  At least she knows. And theoretically speaking, I should know better than to share these things.

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