Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's a Bird! It's a ... Rabbit? A Fish?

I picked up this little guy at a yard sale to benefit the local hospital. It caught my eye on a shelf of other metal artsy stuff, and I thought, "What's that long bunny thing?" And then I realized it had a tail - that doubles as a spreader! So upon further review I decided it was actually a fish, but with a weird face/ears/gills.

When I got home and proudly showed it to Mr. Fabulous, he said, "Is it a bird? I think it's a bird. A bird could have a tail like this." I think not, dear reader. But why don't you decide for yourself. Also, what do you think should be served in this lovely dish?

This dish(?) is also ridiculously heavy, but I love it, and I'm just trying to find the perfect place to display in our home! Maybe filled with something, we'll see.

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