Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bathroom Improvement

I'm going to let you in a dirty little secret. This was my bathroom:

Hubs lovingly built that shelf so that I could have some more storage, but it always ended up being a big mess. We used those things daily, but there just wasn't a way to neatly put everything together.

And then I remembered I had this:

I had been meaning to paint it white and find a home for it. It was once my nightstand when I was a single girl, but since I put it together myself it was starting to get a bit wobbly and hubs just didn't like it anymore. He had the idea of putting a support piece on the back of it so it would be more stable, and about a billion coats of white paint later, it makes my bathroom MUCH happier!

I still have some things out, but the majority of my daily use items are now in the top drawer. I even have extra space in the drawers!! And I LOOOOVE that the towels now have a space in the bathroom. Our bathroom isn't *small*, but it's not super big either. It's kind of an odd shape too, so it's tough to put in extra storage. So far, this is doing very nicely. If I were better at photographing small spaces, you could see how everything (including the two-tone walls and shower curtain) go together. And yes, that's a bobble-head monkey sitting on a banana holding the water cup. This is what happens when you leave a man alone to register for bathroom items.

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  1. LOVE the makeover! the little table you painted looks perfect there :D